10 Unconventional Back To School Signs

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Between all the back to school supplies, first day of school pictures, and settling into a new irritating routine, I respect educational institutions that can poke a little fun on an otherwise serious get your shiz together kind of day. Schools that are willing to have a few laughs, as well as garner a few from parents — a notoriously humorless sect — are few and far between. But some of these funny back to school signs go just a newborn baby hair farther than that.

While some of these laughs, we can only assume, were intentional, the jury is out on some. Whether senior pranks started early, somebody didn’t get enough sleep or simply didn’t care, your guess is as good as mine. But these first days of school are off to an unconventional start.

1. “Whore” children?

BTS welcome back


2. Dirt discount

BTS soil


3. For the hopeful

BTS resistance


4. Teachers unite

BTS hit the bottle


5. Happy Parents Day!

BTS celebrate


6. ???

BTS vsually


7. Oh dear

BTS wellcome


8. STDS welcome



9. “Ass meat”

BTS ass meat


10. Hopefully not one in the same

BTS knife sale