Ladies Stop Their Internal Body-Shaming Mantra At Age 34, Says Study

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vintage woman at vanityWhile it may seem there is no end in sight to the culturally-sanctioned nitpicking of one’s body, science just confirmed what you already know. That by the time you get out of your angsty teens and 20s, you no longer give as much a hoot about your thighs touching or how your boobs look. Youth is overrated, my friends. KITTEN SWEATERS for everyone!

The Telegraph reports that, according to a study, women are, “happiest with their naked bodies at the age of 34.” Factors for this newfound acceptance include having “typically settled into a long-term relationship,” which apparently gives ladies a great sense of self-confidence. Also by 34, chances are you’ve had your fill of fad, nonsense diets and have secured a diet/exercise regime which actually works for you and “produces the best results.”

Assuming that these ladies have children — which we shouldn’t do — you also have a wealth of other concerns that emphatically trump being the MILF-iest MILF around. Like trying to figure out how to work a fangled car seat or raising kids who aren’t saddled with your same body hangups.

So in conclusion:

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