6 Ways To Capture Your Kid’s First Day Of School On Instagram

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The first day of school is quickly becoming #TheFirstDayOfSchool. This year, I’m prepared for parents to flood various feeds with those adorable and obligatory first day of school shots as I sit Facebook ready. But we’re far enough into mediums like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to know that while some parents take OK first day of school shots, others take AWESOME first day of school shots. The proof is in the “likes,” my friend, and there are various styles you can go for come this special time in the parental blogosphere.

1. The Simple Shot


Simple, classic, and you can use as many filters as you want to jazz it up. Not only do you capture the first day of school outfit and backpack, but the simple style can easily be put back to back with your own first day of school shots.

2. The “First Day of School” Sign Shot

firstday3 firstday4For the parent who likes scrapbooking and Facebook likes, the sign-holding, if your kid will oblige, is sure to garner extra “likes” and “awwws.” Can also be paired with a snap of your son or daughter sitting at their desk if you’re obnoxious enough to follow your kid inside the school. Seriously, you owe your kid for that one.

3. The Classic Sibling Lineup

firstday7For multi-kid households, this is a true gem. You get the cross-familial comparison (and you can repeat this every year), and you almost guarantee the endurance of your photography. When your kids grow up, at least one of them will be putting this photo on the proverbial mantel as the standard Me And The Siblings shot.

4. The Parent Plus Kids Selfiefirstday8

This one is a time capsule of a different ilk in that you will automatically be able to look back and say, “DAMN CELL PHONES WERE HUGE IN 2013!” But you also capture yourself — in all your young parenting glory — on this big, big day. Extra points to parents who will throw up peace signs or spontaneously twerk.

5. The Multi-Shot Shotfirstday2 firstday6

Put that fancy digital device you own to good use and get your money’s worth. We do not need to limit our first day of school coverage to one demure last minute shot as you’re heading out the door. Provided that your kid will oblige you — and you have the time — you can do first day of school POSES, spliced with siblings or new backpack closeups. Your kid will only be able to rock that adorable uniform/first day of school outfit once so WERK.

6. The Documentary Shotfirstday10 firstday9

For the parents who will be hanging around the school all day volunteering or what not, mortifying your kid and busting into class to snap “in action” images are a must. The first assignment? Their first walk down the hall? Their first teacher? Snap it all and compile those photos into one big photo to share across all mediums. A lovely addition to any personal mommy blogs.

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