Womb Transplant Mom Gives Birth Thanks To Her Incredible 61-Year-Old BFF Donor

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uterus diagramRight now, a Swedish woman is making the news for giving birth to the first baby ever born after a womb transplant. This woman has made an amazing journey, and her baby is definitely something to celebrate, but you know who really deserves a “Well Done” party? The 61-year-old friend of the family who provided the uterus to her in the first place.

While organ donations often come from the recently-deceased, in this case, the donor was the mother’s very much alive family friend. The mother, who gave birth this past weekend in Sweden, is one of nine womb recipients who received their shiny new organs in an ongoing medical study, and she’s the first ever to cross the finish line so far. Her son was born prematurely thanks to a bad bout of pre-eclampsia, but he is apparently both healthy and extremely adorable, and is probably being doted on to the max by his parents as well as the lady who made his arrival possible in the first place.

How far would you be willing to go to help a friend who’d lost her uterus to cancer and who desperately wanted children of her own? I’m pretty much planning on being done with my own personal baby-maker, but getting rid of the thing entirely? I can’t even bring myself to throw out my college-era t-shirts with holes in the armpits, and getting rid of those wouldn’t even require major surgery. If you ever have a friend who’s willing to go under the knife to help you achieve your dream, hang on tight, because you have probably got the world’s most utterly amazing friend. “Here, have this uterus, I made it myself,” is something you’re only going to hear from someone with an amount of love for you that should probably only be described with adjectives like “legendary”, “stunning”, and “super-duper-mega-awesome”. Doctors were apparently concerned beforehand that a 61-year-old uterus wouldn’t be able to cut the pregnancy-mustard, but I think that thing must have been running on My Little Pony levels of friendship magic.

I don’t know how you ever even repay a friend for making a sacrifice of time, energy, and body parts like this for you. A gift card to the Swedish equivalent of Target is not going to cut it; there isn’t even any amount of baked goods I can imagine that could repay that debt. I suppose you could owe them a kidney, but the womb transplant recipient in this case only has one of those to begin with thanks to the cancer that took away her uterus, so that’s out of the picture too. But then again, I suppose if someone loves you so much that they’re willing to undergo surgery and a long recovery, they probably aren’t in it for the IOU. Maybe a small down payment on the debt, though, would be a hefty amount of cuddle time with that brand new little baby.

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