First Woman Ever To Receive A ‘Donor Womb’ Is Able To Use It To Get Knocked Up

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donor wombMother-daughter uterus transplants may have already come and gone thanks to the pioneering efforts of modern medicine. But the first lady to ever receive a “donor womb,” not only successfully received one, but she was able to use it to get knocked up! Go science!

Associated Press reports that 22-year-old Derya Sert was born without a uterus. The Turkish young woman then reportedly became “the first person to successfully receive a donor womb”  in late summer of 2011. But in March, doctors used one of Derya’s own eggs to place an embryo in that donor womb. And she’s now expecting!

The young mother is only six weeks long, but so far the pregnancy is reportedly going well. Akdeniz University Hospital says that they are still monitoring the fetal heartbeart. The pregnancy is described so far as “healthy,” which bodes well for not just Derya and her unborn baby — but many other women, according to AP:

A successful birth would provide hope for women who were born without a womb or who lose it to disease.

Fingers crossed for a healthy and safe delivery for Derya — as well as the little baby made possible with the advent of donor-wombing.

(photo: sittipong / Shutterstock)