Kid Charged With Felony For Snowball Because Apparently There Is No Other Crime In Chicago

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A boy in Chicago has been arrested for doing what I suspect we’ve all wanted to do at some point: throwing a snowball at a cop. According to DNAInfo, the unnamed minor allegedly threw a snowball, hitting the officer on the arm around 3:20pm on Wednesday. On the ARM. I’m not suggesting that it’s okay to assault an officer. I’m just saying that I think it’s ridiculous to accuse a 13-year-old of felony assault for throwing a damn snowball.

To make things weirder, the kid, who is in eighth grade at George Leland Elementary in South Austin, Chicago, claims that the snowball didn’t even hit the officer, but instead hit the squad car, and that he’s being wrongly accused because he didn’t even throw the snowball. It was the school dean Lenard Robertson, who identified him as the culprit, but the boy claims he was mistaken. Local residents are reportedly up in arms and think the cops are totally over reacting. Because of course the are.

According to the boy’s mother:

“He kept trying to tell the officer that he didn’t do it but they didn’t believe him,’ the mother told the Tribune. It’s sad, he’s only 13. I’m so upset, he’s never been in trouble before. It’s his first case.”

The boy is currently under suspension  for five days because of the incident, and he is set to appear in juvenile court on March 12.