The ‘Baby Selfie’ App Is A Truly Pointless Piece Of Technology

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Nobody needs a “Baby Selfie” app. No, I’m not knocking it for the reasons you think; my child is constantly stealing my phone, so I’m not judging those who let their kids use technology. I’ve already lost that battle and made my peace with it. It’s just that this app provides nothing but cute little pictures that may make your kid smile. I don’t need my kid smiling in his selfies. If I wanted to see a picture of him smiling, I would take it myself.

Baby Selfie is peek-a-boo with a camera twist. Capture your baby’s delighted expressions as colorful animals dance onto the screen. Baby Selfie uses custom drawings and fun sounds to grab your baby’s attention and surprise them. We capture your baby’s reaction in a unique, unexpected photos that you’ll love to share.

“Delighted expressions?” I prefer these:


photo (2)__1393017130_142.196.167.223

IMG_1754I’m sorry, but this is what baby selfies should look like. I am endlessly delighted when I find these little gems on my phone.

Apart from not caring if my child looks “delighted” in selfies, there is also the obvious point, which is, “is this necessary?” Kids are already totally captivated by telephones. You don’t need cutesy pictures popping up to hold their attention, am I right? Whoever thought of this app was really reaching with this:

Hmm… how can we make an item that every little kid wants to stare at constantly even more captivating? There MUST be a huge market for that!

Um, no. This is pointless. But it’s only 99 cents, so at least its pointlessness is affordable.

(Photos: spawn of Maria Guido)