5 Remarkable Mothers To Remember During Women’s History Month

women's history month

Today kicks off the first day of Women’s History Month in which we remember the contributions of women and girls everywhere. Ladies from various walks of life have surely enriched our history with their efforts in an array of arenas. Writers, suffragists, thinkers, and artists represent only a handful of the accomplished women who are a part of our nation’s historical tapestry. However, a very notable corner of women who helped shape our world were mothers and wives, changing the tide while also raising a family. And although men certainly have their spot on history, very few of them simultaneously fed children, handled the wash, and mended clothes while also maintaining an awesome career as a scientist, an inventor, or a civil rights leader.

So from Coretta Scott King to Charlotte Perkins Gilman, here are some women who cared for babies while tackling some of the biggest issues of our time.


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