Model Claims She Slept With Kanye West – Has No Concept Of Sisters Before Misters

Leyla Ghobad Model Claims She Had Sex With Kanye WestDear Canadian Swimsuit Model Leyla Ghobadi: 

You have recently gone to the press to make the announcement that while reality TV star Kim Kardashian was pregnant with Kanye West‘s baby, you had sex with him in a hotel room after one of his concerts. You claim made this news public because:

‘This is going to destroy the Kardashian family. It’s bad. It’s really bad. It’s just embarrassing. But if I were Kim and about to have a baby, I would want to know.


OK, fair enough. You would want to know because you were about to have a baby. But would you really want to find out by reading about it in Star magazine? Or do you think maybe you could have informed Kim about this news in some other way, possibly by making a phone call or using one of these new fangled inventions called a pen and paper?  Was going to a tabloid the only way you could make this announcement? Because, and this is just to me, these actions don’t make it look like you sincerely care for Kim K or her unborn child, and that maybe you just want some publicity for your modeling career.

Listen, Canadian Swimsuit Model Leyla Ghobad, I know you are young, you are only 24, and even though you claim that Kanye told you that the relationship he has with Kim is “just for publicity” and “nothing serious” if this in fact happened, would you really want to sleep with a guy who said these kids of things? Because in adult-land, if a guy we know has a relationship with another woman and makes a move on  us, most of us adult ladies, we usually tell him to go to hell. Because if he will cheat on her, he will cheat on you. It’s that simple. I know you claim that you didn’t have sex with him a second time because by then you had seen that Kim was pregnant, and um, one last question: DIO YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK BECAUSE EVERYONE AND THEIR DOG INCLUDING MY DOG KNOWS THAT KIM KARDASHIAN IS PREGNANT.

Canadian Swimsuit Model Leyla Ghobad, it’s not like I’m some raving fan of Kim Kardashian. I don’t really know how she contributes a lot to society as a whole. She doesn’t make my life better in any way, or bring joy to me or my children or create amazing products that make my life easier, or provide entertainment that I find enthralling. She has never offered to dog sit my dog or starred in a movie I love or created some brand new low-calorie cupcakes that does’t taste like vomit or saved anyone from choking or recorded a really pretty song I like listening to. But, just like me, and you! – Canadian Swimsuit Model Leyla Ghobad, she has a vagina and she is part of our people, meaning lady people (and some of our people don’t even have vaginas, but they identify as lady people, which is totally awesome by me!) and girl, it’s totally not cool to fuck over other lady people. It’s not very sisterly of you. If you go to a concert and make the choice to have sex with the performer and you also know he is dating someone famous and that she is having his baby what does going public with this information serve? Are you trying to tell us Kanye may not be the most wonderful man ever to walk this earth? We all sorta knew this. Are you trying to make us think that you are pretty because he slept with you? Yay! Now we all know this.

So now, pretty Canadian Swimsuit Model Leyla Ghobad, you have your picture in the tabloids and Kim K is probably very upset this morning and Kanye is probably glaring at everyone. Winner, winner, chicken dinner? I hope this is the effect you wanted because I’m about ready to take your sisterhood card away.

Hugs and Kisses,


(Image: Instagram)

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