Exorcisms Performed On Misbehaving Toddlers At Federally Funded Preschool

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Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 8.22.39 AMThe preschool that Rep. Justin Harris owns and operates is still open, amidst allegations that Harris gave his adopted children away to a man who sexually abused one of them –a six-year-old girl. Now a report from a local news station claims that Harris and his wife Marsha routinely performed “exorcisms” on misbehaving toddlers, attempting to cast demons out of children through prayer in their federally funded school.

A former employee (who only wants to be identified as ‘Amber’) told NWAH that Justin and Marsha Harris would often try to pray the demons out of misbehaving students in their care: “If they got in too much trouble they would pray on the kids, do a circle around them, put their hands on their heads, saying, trying to rebuke demons.” When asked how she knew the couple was attempting to pray demons out of kids, she said she witnessed it on several occasions. Amber also had a child in the school until last week, who she finally removed because all of the news attention was “too much.”

Harris has been in the news recently, after the Arkansas Times uncovered that he “rehomed” his adopted daughters which led to the sexual abuse of a six-year-old. In a nutshell, he gave his adopted daughters away to a man he barely knew — who had been fired from Harris’ employ at his preschool for poor work attendance. Yes, the child rapist worked at Harris’ preschool for three months. A preschool that is still open — funded by the state and federal government, and putting income in Harris’ pocket.

Harris’ preschool, Growing God’s Kingdom, receives receives public funding under the Arkansas Better Chance program. The Arkansas Times reports that in 2011 that a DHS inspector, at the request of an organization promoting separation of church and state, “investigated whether the preschool was using taxpayer money to teach a Christian curriculum; she found regularly scheduled Bible study in most classrooms, scripture posted on the walls and children singing ‘Jesus Loves Me.'” Also, there’s the whole “Growing God’s Kingdom” thing. How did whoever decides who gets federal funding for schools miss that? There’s also this gem:

It must also be noted that Harris, as a legislator, has direct influence over the DHS budget. He serves on the Joint Budget Committee, which oversees all appropriations for state agencies. He also serves on the influential House Education Committee and is the vice-chair of the House Committee on Aging, Children and Youth.

At the time of the investigation, Harris claimed the group prayers and lessons about Jesus were “voluntary.” As if preschoolers have the power to opt in and out of those lessons. Raw Story notes that Growing God’s Kingdom receives around $900,000 per year in federal funds, “some of which are derived from monies designated for the children of undocumented immigrants.” The RS article also points out that “Harris sponsored a bill in the state House designed to cut off all public services and benefits to anyone who could not provide proof of U.S. citizenship.”


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