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Teenagers Shouldn’t Get Tattoos, Especially If They Go To Creepy Tattoo Artists They Find On Facebook

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shutterstock_56386378It’s hard for me to feel a whole lot of sympathy for Scotland teen Siobhan Fields, 16, who got a really janky looking tattoo after finding the artist she wanted to permanently decorate her body on Facebook. I think 16-years-old is a bit young to be getting a tattoo, especially if you aren’t quite old enough to realize that you might probably want to check out a tattoo artist’s portfolio in person and perhaps make sure they are licensed to actually give tattooos to begin with. But enough of my mumsy lecturing, what’s done is done, and now instead of having a tattoo or her idol, Marilyn Monroe, poor Sibohan has something that sort of resembles a partially deflated blow-up doll. From the Daily Mail:

A teenage girl’s dream to pay homage to her idol Marilyn Monroe with a tattoo of her has ended in a nightmare – after the finished artwork looked like a ‘blow up sex doll’.

Siobhan Fields, 16, paid £50 for the image of Marilyn to be inked on her left arm but said the end result was simply a ‘monstrosity’.

The heartbroken hairdresser said tattooist Dave Stewart – who does not have a council licence to operate – originally agreed to refund her money but then blocked her on Facebook.

Siobhan, of Burnbank, Hamilton, Scotland, said: ‘It’s horrible. It’s so embarrassing. I’ve had to go out and buy loads of long-sleeved shirts because I don’t want anyone to see it.

‘I love Marilyn Monroe. She was absolutely beautiful – but this tattoo makes her look more like a blow-up doll.

‘Her mouth is just a black blob, the eyes are circles, her eyes are two dots.

‘She has black hair, the eyebrows are all wrong and there are wobbly lines everywhere.’

“When it was finished, after about 90 minutes, I looked in the mirror and just felt total shock. But he was quite an intimidating guy, with tattoos all over his face so I didn’t want to confront him at the time. Then I felt that I had just paid £50 for this guy to basically disfigure me for life.

“Later on I contacted him and asked if he could refund my money and at first he agreed, but then he blocked me on Facebook and cut off all contact. It’s just one sorry looking mess and now I have to live with it. It’s going to cost around £300 to have it covered up by a proper tattoo artist.”

OK, protips: you have your entire life to get a tattoo. That unicorn jumping over a rainbow or Tweety Bird holding a bottle of tequila might seem awesome now, but you may not feel the same when you are 45. You should always ask to see an artist’s portfolio before letting them tattoo you. You should always make sure that the tattoo parlor is licensed and hygienic, so you don’t end up with scary diseases from dirty tattoo needles. And you should probably meet with the artist first, so you can make sure you feel comfortable enough discussing the finished product with them so they can make any necessary tweaks  in case their work comes out looking totally stupid.

Or, you should have a mother like me, who would never let my kid get a tattoo until they are out of my house and I don’t have to look at it if it comes out looking messed up. Problem solved!

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