10 Nursery Signs For Your Bouncing Baby Bundle Of Sexist Stereotypes

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little boys made of bucks and trucks(via)

I don’t particularly like the old “snips, snails, and puppy dog tails/sugar, spice, and everything nice” couplets, but what’s out there today makes that nursery rhyme look like it was written by Gloria Steinem. According to what’s available on Etsy, hunting and cars are a no-girls-allowed club. And what’s out there for girls?

little girls made of curls(via)

If you end up with a baby girl with straight hair, do you try to work out a refund or exchange with the Etsy shop, or with the OB/GYN?

born with glitter(via)

And if you buy this nursery sign for your daughter, you’d better hope she’s one of those girls. (I do give bonus points for the rare use of a shade of blue in a sign meant for a girl.)

boys rulesgirls rules








 (via; via)

Music, reading, and emotional attachments are for girls only. Sorry, boys! And girls, hope you don’t like sports or the great outdoors–those might get your sparkly princess dresses dirty.

(Post-script: if you’re wondering, my daughter’s room is decorated with framed Lord of the Rings fan art, and my son’s has red and blue cloth “balloons” that I totally made based on reading this Pinterest nursery post. There are no quotes on the walls, but if I did have to choose one to put up, it would probably be, “go the eff back to sleep“.)

(Feature image: Paolo_Toffanin / Getty)

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