These Egg Donor Sisters Have 22 Biological Children Between Them

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Imagine having 22 biological children – it’s okay if you just ran away screaming, I did a little bit. Now imagine that you don’t have to actually take care of any of them – yeah, that’s better. Egg donors aren’t technically parents, meaning they don’t carry, birth, or raise the kids they help create. But their contributions make so many dreams come true.

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For some people having a big family is a dream, but some simply can’t have children. That is where the  Van Der Worp sisters come in. They are some pretty incredible egg donors.

Between the two sisters, they have 22 biological kids. Samara has her own son, but other than that, she has 9 other children that are only hers through DNA. Her sister Sarah has 12 – with one more on the way. The two have given the ultimate gift to families who are struggling with infertility.

“I find out I have these really fantastic eggs, and I have this wonderful luck to have my own son eventually, and I wanted to give back,” Samara said, according to Kidspot.

Samara meets with couples who are struggling to have children through Egg Donation Australia. She likens the process to online dating. She reads potential parent’s ads, then reaches out to them. They start to build a relationship and get to know each other before the donation. Sometimes, the sisters do get to be a small part of their biological children’s lives.

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Image: Facebook/Samara van der Worp

“It’s been a really nice surprise, that my recipients would actually want to keep in contact because that’s not something I expected,” commented Sarah.

While the sisters are truly incredible for what they are doing, egg donation can be a painful and difficult experience. Egg donation is invasive, requiring surgery. What’s more, doctors can’t always retrieve eggs.

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“I work up from one retrieval to see a 32 written on my hand, which was the number of eggs they extracted,” Samara said. “My nurse was so excited it was such a large number.”

“I’d seen the lady next to me had a zero written on her hand,” she continued. “She was bawling and her pain killed me.”

Despite the pain, the sisters donate to help families become whole. One woman was able to have a child using one of Samara’s eggs after ten failed IVF cycles. She wanted to have another child, but Samara couldn’t give her an egg, so she used one of Sarah’s. This means her children are siblings and cousins!

These sisters are truly inspiring!

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