Toddler Is Killed When ‘Suicidal’ Man Falls From Eighth Floor Window and Lands on the Child

A family in Ukraine is mourning the loss of their 21-month-old son after he was crushed to death. A strange series of events and a literal example of ”wrong place at the wrong time” lead to the boy’s death after a suicidal man jumped out an eighth-floor window and landed on the toddler reports Daily Mail.

suicidal man
Image: Twitter/@LouiseStaintonU

The man, a 39-year-old construction worker, jumped from the window, trying to commit suicide. His motives for this are currently being investigated by Ukrainian police. After the accident, paramedics tried to revive both the man and the boy, but both passed away.

The toddler’s father watched the incident happen as he waited for his wife to finish saying her goodbyes to her family inside the building. The young family had been celebrating the New Year with relatives who were neighbors of the suicidal man. The mother, Anna Polishchuk, walked outside moments after her son was hit.

suicidal man
Image: Facebook/Anna Polishchuk

After the accident, many neighbors shared what they had seen and heard during the incident. One described it as hearing ”a loud thump.” He continued saying that he had to close his window because of the agonizing pain in the mother’s screams as she watched the medics try to revive her baby.

”I just couldn’t bear hearing them,” neighbor Sergey Borisov said.

While the medics tried to revive the boy inside the ambulance, one paramedic walked out and asked everyone to pray. They tried to restart his heart and lungs but were unable to do so. ”That was the first time in my life when I heard so many people praying out loud,” said another neighbor who watched the events unfold.

After hearing of the tragic news, Polishchuk’s social media accounts were flooded with sympathetic comments. Many people share in her grief at the tragic news. Others are praying for her and her husband during this difficult time. Many are simply shocked at what happened. It’s hard to comprehend.

”How can we find words of support for you,” Lyudmila Malygina commented. ”Please know that all of Ukraine is crying now with you and your family.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Polishchuk family during this difficult time.

(Image: Twitter/@LouiseStaintonU)

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