Cheatsgiving: You Don’t Have To Be A DIY Pro To Pull Off These Thanksgiving Tables

Now that I’ve moved to suburbia, I have a legitimate dining room. As luck would have it, my mom’s new apartment doesn’t fit our families’ mid-century modern teak dining set – so I’ve inherited that, too. A real room to dine in coupled with some gorgeous furniture is really making me want to fancy up my Thanksgiving table this year.

The problem with this is that I am not crafty. I have scoured Pinterest for hours looking for the easiest-looking centerpieces to pull off – so you don’t have to. You’re welcome. Pro-tip; don’t ever start your day perusing Pinterest. It’s 8 am and I already hate my house, have an insatiable craving for cupcakes and have planned a wedding. I also have an incredible urge to have a manicure and install bamboo flooring. Damn you, Pinterest!



Gather leaves? A monkey could do that. They do seem to be laid out on the table in a precise fashion, but methinks even if they weren’t this would look pretty cool.

Pumpkin Vases


Hello, white pumpkin vase. Look how cute you are! Add a matching table runner and you’re done.

Feathers And Sage

Pinterest/ 30smagazine.wordpress

This is impressive. Feathers, herbs and tape – voila! Then it looks like you just have to throw a few walnuts on the table. I’d probably skip the cloves on the plate and all over the table. They sell feathers on Amazon in case you were wondering.

I’m Thankful For…

Pinterest/ abbyminteriorsblog

This is cute. Your guests write can down what they’re thankful for. I wonder if it works if you can’t pull off this gorgeous handwriting? Mine looks like a third-grader practicing cursive. These sheets may be something you can add to a family scrapbook if you are so inclined. Now I’m going crazy.

Seriously Bedazzled Pumpkins


I don’t know if it’s the Greek/Italian in me, but I find these amazing. They bring back fond memories of a friend my mom had that used to jazz up her house by spray painting things gold – including her Weber barbecue and the fake logs in her gas fireplace. Anyway, this may take awhile – but it’s just a bunch of gold thumbtacks.

Give Thanks Reminder & Pumpkins

Pinterest/ carpedieminteriordesign

Cute. Easy. Hang it on a wall. I’m sure craft-supply stores have these individual letters and twine, but it you want one fully assembled you can get that, too.

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(photo: Everett Collection/ Shutterstock)

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