Open Thread: Let’s All Argue About The ‘Right’ Way To Make Thanksgiving Dinner

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The ladies of Mommyish have been arguing. I’m pretty sure I’m right on all counts (of course), but the debate is getting heated. So what better way to settle this all then to turn the comments section into our own special version of a dysfunctional family arguing around a holiday table? Only we aren’t arguing about who needs to hurry up and get pregnant or who needs a better job — we’re arguing about something way more important:

food. Holiday food, to be specific.

Here are the debates:

Stuffing – raisins or no raisins?

We all think raisins should perish in a fire, except Aimee who is unapologetically #teamraisin. I hate raisins unless they are in Raisin Bran, then I want all the raisins – which makes no sense and I’ve never understood it. Valerie and Megan insist they need to be in muffin form so everyone gets some crunchy parts. Clearly, they want stuffin muffins because #basic, once again.

Cranberry sauce – canned or fresh?

Some of us are pretending we can make the fresh variety. Megan is the only one who has actually already prepared it. We never had cranberry sauce around my holiday table, but I say if you’re going to go canned, just slide it out of the can and set in on your table like that. Valerie agrees, she thinks cutting into those little ridges is “satisfying.”

Pie – Pumpkin or apple?

We all seem to like ALLTHEPIE, except Val, who is #basic. She wants pumpkin spice everything.

Sweet potatoes – marshmallows or no marshmallows?

Marshmallows are disgusting and only belong in S’mores.  As Kate says, “sweet potatoes with marshmallows = VOM.” Meredith is the lone wolf here, responding with only, “Why do you guys hate deliciousness?”

So, what do you think? Let’s fight about it. Just kidding, we don’t have to fight about it. Unless any of you insist raisins actually belong in stuffing.