8 Easy Easter Egg Hacks For Busy Parents

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Coloring Easter eggs is a common family tradition, but you don’t have to make it an elaborate affair in order to have fun. Here’s eight easy Easter egg decorating ideas to try with your family.

1. Melted crayon eggs.

melted crayon eggs

-via Jenna Burger

This method is great because it is both faster and less messy than traditional dip dye cups. You just use a crayon to draw on a freshly boiled egg, and the heat melts the crayon wax to make pretty designs. Perfect for kids who are old enough to be careful handling a warm egg.

2. Cabbage dyed eggs.

cabbage dyed eggs-Design Mom

Whether you want a more natural approach to coloring Easter eggs or you completely forget to pick up a dye kit, this cabbage leaf dye method will let you make pretty eggs in all different shades of blue.

3. Fingerprint eggs.


-via Crafty Morning

Rather than trying to dip the eggs in cups of fluid and hoping no one spills, this fingerprint method would be a great and easy alternative for toddlers. You probably have the paint on hand already, and if you want to get in on the fun just embellish their fingerprints with markers to create little pictures like the ones above.

4. Watercolor eggs.

no mess eggs

-via Fun At Home With Kids

Another good option for younger kids, this watercolor egg decorating method involves rinsing the eggs in vinegar and then letting children pour liquid watercolors on top of the eggs in small amounts until the egg is coated. There’s less chance of spilling a cup of fluid and you can create negative spaces on the eggs by writing on them with white crayon before coloring.

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