Oh, Just An Anti-Vaxxer Mom Flipping Out Because Her Son’s School Tried To Prevent Him From Getting Chicken Pox

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Another day, another anti-vaxxer up in arms because her community is trying to prevent the spread of diseases in young students. Sarah Donovan says she was ‘beyond not happy’ about her son Michael’s dismissal from school following a minor outbreak of chicken pox at said school. In a totally reasonable reaction to the spread of chicken pox, Michael’s school recommended that parents of unvaccinated children keep those children at home for about two weeks, until they were sure their kids hadn’t been affected by the virus.

Students in Michigan must have two doses of the varicella vaccine before starting school, unless their parents sign a waiver. But the state has reported more than 100 cases since the beginning of the year, including about three dozen in southeast Michigan. There were three confirmed cases in the school district where Sarah’s son Michael is a student. On Thursday, health officials grew more concerned after realizing that some unvaccinated students had ‘significant’ contact with some of the infected students.

…And this is where the story gets good folks. If your definition of ‘good’ includes the insane ramblings of an ignorant, absolutely ridiculous anti-vaxxer, you’re welcome.

“We explained to him that Mom and Dad love him very much and this is our choice because we feel this is protecting him by not being vaccinated. I don’t like this bullying. I’m going to push back somewhat. I’m not a media person — I’m not. I like privacy. But I think it’s important for people to know the other side. It’s not right. It’s truly bullying. My son is being singled out and we’re made to feel like were bad parents because we’ve decided not to vaccinate anymore. They’re saying it’s some deadly disease but, hello, we all had it.”

Yes, yes, of course the school is making your son a target. You and your husband’s personal vaccination decision did not assist in singling him out in any way. My favorite part is “hello, we all had it.” UM YES AND IT WAS EFFING AWFUL. And sure, statistically speaking it’s not incredibly dangerous. But kids and adults alike have died from chicken pox in the past. Plus, the virus puts you at risk for shingles later on in your life. Why would you want to put your child at risk for that?  I remember by the time my sister was in preschool, the chicken pox vaccine was a real thing and a requirement at that. I remember feeling so jealous of her because she’d never have to know the misery of those pox. Maybe this woman would benefit from starting her own anti-vaxxer school?

Keep on keepin’ on, Sarah Donovan. And so will your son’s school.

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