‘Wheel of Fortune’ Had a Puzzle That Made People Go, ‘Um, What?’

We’re big Wheel of Fortune fans in my house, dating all the way back to when my mom was on the show in the 80s (she hit lose a turn every time, it was very traumatic). When I saw this final puzzle, I immediately started laughing because juuuust the right letters were missing to lead to some fantastic, hilarious possibilities. It’s one of those things where the first answer you see says a lot about you.

If you’re unfamiliar, when it comes to Wheel of Fortune’s Final Puzzle, the player is automatically given letters R, S, T, L, N, and E. The player gets to pick an additional three letters and another vowel. It was this perfect storm of letters that lead to my favorite final puzzle of all time.

What's your guess, Wheel watchers?

I saw, “Lick It Fork” because I am always thinking about food. After @twitersgoodboy’s tweet about the puzzle took off, other Twitter users had some top-notch guesses.

suck it dork
Image: Twitter / @
fuck at work
Image: Twitter / @
fuck at work
Image: Twitter / @
where is mt cork
Image: Twitter / @Coregan

Other potential answers I saw were, “sick at work,” “pick at pork,” “lick it dork,” and my personal favorite, “suck it work.”

By some miracle, the final puzzle contestant actually got the answer, immediately. She didn’t even laugh before she shouted out, “Back at work.” Ugh, what a boring answer. Even Pat Sajak kept his cool, which is always disappointing.

Wheel of Fortune, please give us more puzzles like this!

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