A Dudeoir Photographer Tells Mommyish That David Beckham-esque Six Packs Aren’t Necessary

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“Dudeoir” photo shoots — sexy shoots for dues à la David Beckham — are hopefully the next big thing to properly bookend professional preggo glamour shots. While you and your male partner could technically DIY this with some white sheets and a black and white Instagram filter, there are some tricks and tips that only a professional knows. Mommyish spoke with dudeoir expert Penny Gibson, co-owner and makeup artist at My Sensuality, about what your child’s father can expect once he walks on set.

What are the essentials that every dad needs for a steamy dudeoir? 

There isn’t really anything specific that a dad needs in order to have a My Sensuality photo shoot.  A six pack and a great pair of biceps are not essential. It is most important that a man should just be himself. Susie Mackie, my photographer and business partner, uses humor and empathy to encourage a cheeky twinkle in the eyes of her subjects.

Do you find that your dad clients are taking these photos for themselves? For their partners?

Some dads are having the photos for themselves and others are giving them to their partners.  Our company ethos is all about confidence building.  Not all men are confident and we use imagery to promote this. One guy Steve, who is a father of three, had suffered a marriage break up and felt that his confidence needed a boost.  He said that he found the shoot experience quite liberating, a lot of fun, and one of the best things he has ever done.

Mark, another dad that we recently did a photo shoot for, said that he decided to have a dudeoir shoot because a friend was having one done and it sounded like a lot of fun.  He said that he really enjoyed the whole experience and was surprised how quickly he became accustomed to having his picture taken.  He thinks that the pictures we took truly represented him.  He gave his pictures to his wife.

Are partners allowed on set during the shoots?

My Sensuality

We don’t actively encourage partners on set during a shoot as it tends to ruin the surprise and we seem to be able to get clients to relax better when its just us professionals on set.  We do however offer couples boudoir.

Is the dudeoir business booming?

Dudeoir is an emerging concept in the UK and we hope to be at the forefront of this trend.  We have great hopes for our dudeoir photo shoots as male grooming is becoming increasingly big business in the UK.  We believe that we create strong, sensual images of real men.  We are keen to work internationally and would love to come over to the states with our British version of dudeoir.

How do you encourage fathers to get in touch with their inner David Beckham?

Before a shoot, men spend time in makeup with me.  During their time in makeup I chat with them and talk through how the shoot will  develop.  I’ve been told that I have a professional yet relaxed attitude that immediately puts people at ease. I use body contouring techniques to enhance muscles and bone structure. Susie seems to have a very special talent of making people relax in front of the camera and, after a few minutes with her, they are able to reveal their inner Becks.

What sort of pre-dudeoir rituals do you recommend?

My Sensuality
My Sensuality

We always recommend that guys get their nails done.  The rest is up to them. Some guys get a spray tan, hair cuts, waxing!  It depends on the look they are going for.

What mistakes do clients often make when they come to the dudeoir set?

Although we do give clients a list of things to bring they often over pack.  We have found out less is more in the world of dudeoir.  We would recommend that potential dudeoir clients keep it simple, plain shirts, white T-Shirts, jeans and nice boxer shorts…ironed of course!

Do you do dudeoir consultations before committing to a shoot?

We always do a pre-shoot consultation either on the telephone, by email or in person.  We want people to know what to expect and to feel completely comfortable before they book a shoot.  We give people as much information as possible.  We explain to clients that their is no pressure to strip off.  You don’t have to be naked to be sexy.

How much does the client have a say in the style of the shoot?

We always welcome input from our clients. We naturally have our own style and people pick My Sensuality because of this.  Clients often have particular looks or images that they would like to emulate and its our job to help them achieve these.

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