Disheartening New Study Finds Bullying Prevention Programs In Schools Actually Increases Bullying

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shutterstock_128732963__1381510584_74.134.205.46Happy Bullying Awareness month everyone and now that you are aware it’s bullying awareness month, don’t use that an an excuse to go around bullying people. Actually, this logic doesn’t work on adults, just on kids, because according to a study conducted by the University Of Texas In Arlington, bullying prevention programs in schools generally increase incidences of verbal and physical bullying in students and often just don’t help at all. Great!

From the study, found here:

Based on meta-analysis, Ferguson and colleagues (2007) reported that school antibullying programs show little discernible effect on violence and victimization of children in school settings. Payne and colleagues (2003) conducted a study of the effects of communal school organizations (i.e., supportive and collaborative relations among administrators, teachers, and students) on school victimization. Of the 254 public secondary schools studied, they found that communal school organizations had no significant effect on reducing student victimization.

So if school anti-bullying programs aren’t helping students curb instances of bullying, I have no idea what will. I know that these types of lessons need to begin at home, we need to teach our children empathy and how not to victimize their little friends, but if school programs that reinforce these values do little to no good than what is the point? I suppose raising awareness about the topic is always a good thing, but it would be nice if there was something schools could do to make a difference. Maybe it’s just a simple case of kids will always be jerks, but the nice thing is that they get less jerky once they hit high school. Maybe because of all the weed they are smoking.

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