Please Let ‘Dudeoir’ Pics Be The Next Preggo Glamour Shot Trend

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david beckhamPregnant ladies who are getting those swanky professional shots with all the black and white blowy sheets, if you’re partnered to a man, I strongly encourage you to shell out a little more for some accompanying “dudeoir” pics. Seemingly a play on the boudoir photography trend, dudeoir shots are of the same intimate style — but with dudes!

Daily Mail reports that photos of shirtless men with tattoos gazing into the camera while adrift on a bed of white sheets ARE happening. Not only is the trend happening, but the stylized photos “have been steadily growing in popularity in the U.S. as American boys strip off for steamy private pictures.” Dudeoir has officially arrived in the UK as well. It’s like Teen Beat all over again!

Featuring mostly topless shots of well-toned bodies, British boys are using the pictures to secure modelling contracts, attract dates and even give as gifts to friends and family.

Penny, one of the founders of Worcestershire photography company My Sensuality, started offering Dudeoir photo sessions earlier this year and says: ‘There is a real place in the market for this type of shoot, with male grooming becoming such big business.’

‘After the success of our Boudoir shoots we thought: “Why should the ladies have all the fun?!”‘ 

Penny and her partner Susie offer a £375 Dudeoir photo package promising ‘strong, sexy portraits for real men,’

They say it’s not about getting naked, although clients can strip off, and ‘a little cheek is not something they frown upon’. 

“The Dudeoir clientele range,” which is a phrase I need to hear a lot more often, is reportedly aged between 24 and 45 years old. Men of all walks/careers are getting in touch with their inner David Beckham, from graphic designers to “office professionals.” The shoots reportedly happen in “plush hotel suites” with makeup, multiple outfits changes, and “contouring.” And, they’re fabulous for that self-esteem, gentlemen:

Penny adds: ‘The confidence inspired by a Boudoir or Dudeoir shoot can remain with you for ever. ‘Somehow it is so much more than a photoshoot.’

Dudes at the dudeoir are reportedly passing these goodies out to their partners, uploading them onto Facebook, using them for a confidence boost following a divorce, and using them to online date like nobody’s business.

So, from now on, all pregnancy glamor* shots should be properly bookended with one of these guys:

*if you’re partnered to a dude

(photo: instagram)