10 Super Easy Fall Activities Because Your Kids Are Still Bored Despite Going To School All Day

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bored-kids-180x200I was so excited for my kids to go back to school and now that they are back and out of my house for a good seven hours they are still sort of driving me crazy. They don’t have a ton of homework yet, rooms have all been organized for the school year, and they want to do something other than kicking a ball around outside or reading. So they expect me to entertain them. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I am so not a crafty person. But my kids adore anything involving glue sticks and the herpes of the craft world I have scoured the internets to bring you 10 ways to amuse your kids for the fall when they are bored and driving you crazy.

1. Feed Those Pesky Birds


I know you all made these when you were little, but when was the last time you made one with your kids? Head on over to the Kid-Friendly home which has an awesome tutorial on how to make a cute retro pinecone bird feeder.

2. Create Some Art For Your Home That Actually Looks Like Art 


I think these are just lovely and the Zui Blog can show you how to make them using sticks you find on a walk and everyday household items like buttons.

3. Make Some Yarn Monsters

00093d7ad0e36af01d180e03c6a150d1These are so funny and the instructions seem so easy that even I could do it. Hands On As We Grow made these super cute yarn monster using yarn, glue and google eyes and who doesn’t love google eyes?

4. Make Dinner Together  


We have all discussed our extreme love of soup and Cookin’ Up Fun has a recipe for potato soup using frozen hash-browns, which is so ingenious that  I am still floored I never even considered using them. This recipe could be easily made vegetarian, and I cannot stress enough how important I feel letting kids help in the kitchen is. Kids love cooking, they learn so many great skills by helping, and one day when they move out into this great big world you won’t have to worry about them living off Ramen noodles.

 5. Do Something For Others 

090891d65768e482c44550437beecd5f(Image: Pinterest)

Make candy goody bags for a nursing home. Donate warm gloves and hats to a homeless shelter. Donate cat food, dog food and towels to an animal shelter. Bring old toys to the Goodwill. Kids love doing things for others, and I feel like charity is our rent for living on this earth. Our rent is all due.

6. Teach Them The Joys Of Letter Writing 

e21667990dc1c539e2635409f7fa7d13I really worry about letter writing. I hope it never goes away. I love receiving and sending actual mail and packages and my kids love it even more than I do. Get them some envelopes and some dollar store stickers and pens and stamps and paper and keep it all in a box and encourage them to send letters to friends and family. Let’s has some super cute printables.

7. Send Them Outside When the Weather Is Bad  

shutterstock_104671403(Image: Iuliia Gusakova/shutterstock)

I need to do this more often because when it starts raining and I refuse to let my kids go outside and I have NO idea why. Of course they can go out! Unless it is lightning horribly. I don’t know why I don’t send my kids out in the rain more often but I need to change that because my parents used to always let me and my sisters play in the rain and it was the most fun ever. Yes, they will get dirty and muddy but big deal, this is why we have washing machines and bathtubs.

 8. Make An Owl Out Of A Paper Bag 


(Image: Pinterest)

9. Or A  Hedgehog Out Of Leaves 


I have no idea why this guy is cracking me up so much, but he just is. I want my house filled with hedgehogs made out of leaves.

10. Get Started making Those Halloween Costumes 


This is.. I can’t even. It’s just amazingly great. Head on over to Dollar Store Crafts for the tutorial.

(Image: Topit)