Drew Barrymore Reveals Herself To Be Part Of The Postpartum Spanx Club

Drew Barrymore babyClaire Danes is a card-carrying member of the Postpartum Spanx club and it would appear that new mother Drew Barrymore is too! Maybe they hold secret Spanx meetings and trade tips and swap girdles. Do these Spanx club meetings conclude with Spanx shopping trips? “Slutty” brownies perhaps?

You know the Daily Mail is up to something when they call any mother “trim” after her delivery. Never fear. That wasn’t a compliment they just dished out. Just a little lead in to some post-baby body busting as the outlet reports that the actress “flashed” her black Spanx:

…actress Drew Barrymore revealed her slimming secret during a recent event in New York. The new mother flashed a pair of Spanx under a skirt with a daringly high slit while attending the New York City Ballet’s Annual Luncheon Benefit on Thursday…At first, her long, floaty skirt, printed with a black-and-white tie-dye pattern, appeared to keep everything covered. But as she walked the skirt’s thigh-high slit became glaringly apparent, and so did her black Spanx.

And just so you can get a clear idea of what Drew Barrymore is looking to conceal under those Spanx, Daily Mail breaks it down:

The curve tightening-underwear may be used to hide bumps and bulges, but it appeared the actress also wore hers as a kind of slip because she was worried about revealing too much.

Bumps and bulges! You are nothing if not deft at dealing out the postpartum blows, Daily Mail. And for the record, Spanx are about as much a “slimming secret” as hair dye is for getting blonde hair. Didn’t you all watch Steel Magnolias?

(photo: DFree / Shutterstock)

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