Mommyish Presents The Laid-Back Mom’s Guide To Navigating The PTA

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Oh, the PTA. The bastion of competitive motherhood. Childrearing and housewifery as an art form. There’s nothing more domestic than a parent teacher organization.

My own mother was the president of my school’s PTA. She was an uber-mom, back in her stay-at-home heyday. Then she decided to go back to school and become a teacher.

Getting involved in the PTA is wonderful. It’s important. We all know that volunteering at our kids’ schools is a wonderful thing to do. But let’s all be honest. That competitive mom business isn’t always enjoyable. In fact, the PTA can be daunting at best, awful at worst for a parent who isn’t interested in proving themselves to be Supermom.

Don’t worry laid-back moms! Mommyish is here with a navigational guide to your parent teacher organization. We’ll teach you how to keep your head down and even enjoy those monthly meetings.

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