Are You There, Moms? It’s Me, Idiot What If You Don’t Like Your Kid?

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I would preface this by saying “this might be a stupid question,” but the very nature of this column guarantees that most of the questions are pretty stupid. You see, I have this somewhat bizarre fear that one day I’ll have kids and I just won’t like them. Of course, I’ll lay down in traffic and love him or her more than I ever felt possible, but what about liking?

Of course you don’t have to like your kids all the time. I’d assume that during the six month of consecutive sleepless nights or when your teen steals your car to meet her fiance that she met on OkCupid, you’re not overwhelmed by feelings of like for your kid. What I fear is an all the time dislikesimply finding him or her unpleasant to be around (more likely as a grown up). Please don’t tell me I’m an awful person. I already know.

It stands to reason that there are some wholly unpleasant, awful, disagreeable, patently unlikable person in this world who have perfectly wonderful parents. I’ve met some of themweirdos who are just insufferable, rude, annoying, or cruel, but seem to have come out of nowhere. Their parents are awesome and lovely people, and yet their spawn is intolerable. I’m hardly saying that I’d be a perfect parent, but I’m simply illustrating that even in the best case scenario, some people just totally suck.

I suppose the answer might be that you don’t have to like your kidsthe love blinders are strong enough to obscure their twattishness. Is that the case? HELP.

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