Mommy Wars Are Over: Working Moms And SAHMs Stress About The Same Things

This bit of news should quell the mommy wars for the time being. Regardless of what you think about the stay-at-home, Lululemon-wearing mommy who collects her kids from school or what antagonisms you may harbor against the mommy with the blue tooth, you are all preoccupied with the same problems. The mainstream press would have you believing that you and the lady at the other end of the playground lead very different lives but a new survey reveals that you have much more in common than you think.

Eversave recently did a survey of 700 mothers of both the working and SAHM variety. And much like that trailer you keep seeing of Sarah Jessica Parker lying awake at night doing her checklist in I Don’t Know How She Does It, moms of both walks of life do the same.

Eversave reports that 90% of respondents lie awake in their beds going through the same checklist. Both mothers who work outside the home as well as those who parent full-time had the same concerns: money stress, worrying about their kids, finding enough time for their partner, and managing the household/domestic concerns.

Both SAHMs and working mothers admitted to never finishing their to-do lists, and more than half admitted to stuffing clutter into closets or putting dirty dishes into the oven before guess come over. Very creative, mommies!

And despite both groups of moms prioritizing their children, full-time mothers and working moms said that they cut time in the exact same place: “me time.” Only 35% of mothers find time for themselves or their own interests once a month, so who knows when the other 65% do — if at all.

Considering that there is constant conversation, and even debate, around which type of mother treads the most difficult terrain, these findings reveal that there is hardly an ocean of difference between both paths. Perhaps just a lake.

(photo: Shutterstock)

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