Doll Teaches Children (And Andy Samberg) How To Breastfeed

Full disclosure (or, should I say, exposure): I breast-fed both my babies for nearly a year. It was an easy decision, given that I was one of the lucky ones with an endless supply of milk and babies eager to latch on. Plus, it was cheaper ”” and more convenient ”” than formula (and, who are we kidding, I burned countless calories from the comfort of my couch).

That said, half my friends chose not to breast feed, either because of technical difficulties or simply because they didn’t want to. My attitude is to each her own: do what works for you, whatever the reason. Clearly there are many who’d disagree, including the executives over at Berjuan Toys, which has just launched The Breast Milk Baby.

The $89 doll, according to a company press release, ”teaches children the nurturing skills they’ll need to raise their own healthy babies. Just put on the fashionable top included with each Breast Milk Baby, bring the baby’s mouth up to the pretty flower, and enjoy the closeness, the loving bond between mother and child.” Um, really? We get that little girls want to be just like mommy. But an actual breastfeeding doll? Puh-leeze.

As if the doll itself isn’t amusing enough, SNL‘s Adam Samberg appeared on the Today show this morning ‘breastfeeding’ one of these little suckers. “I found this little lady backstage and she seemed starving. So, I’m doing my duty… She’s hungry” he said.

Oh, Andy, how we love you.


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