These Detachable Jeans Are the Ugliest Thing You’ll See This Week

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I wouldn’t call myself the most fashionable person in the world, but that doesn’t mean I can’t call out ugly and ridiculous when I see it. And apparently, there’s no shortage of WTF fashions lately. Not long ago, we told you about Nordstrom’s gross (and grossly overpriced) pre-muddied jeans. The RompHim (men’s romper) has also been making plenty of headlines (and making us cringe). The clear-knee jeans that this same store also tried to sell? Yuck. And while ugly sandals might be making their way to our closets soon, it’s these detachable jeans that win ugliest thing you’ll see this week.

Yeah. What on earth is that? Who came up with this abomination? And why are we so hell bent on destroying one of the most versatile articles of clothing ever? I mean, yes, I get it. Skinny jeans have been our go-to for quite a number of years now. Perhaps we’re just not ready for another acid-wash revolution a la the ’80s or for the flared or bellbottom look to return. But detachable legs for your jeans? Really?

These Y/Project jeans are currently being sold on OpeningCeremony for a cool $425. Yes, that’s right.

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They also appear to only be sold in sizes 34, 36, 38, and 40, though the website claims size 34 is “sold out.” Mh-hm. I believe you. …Not.

Here’s a thought: instead of wearing these insanely hideous pants, why not just wear shorts to begin with? Or maybe wear some short shorts underneath your pants, if it’s such a big deal. Or bring them along in your purse or backpack. It’s really not that difficult. Why would anyone ever want to wear these repulsive jeans? Not to mention that price tag. Aside the fact that I would never in my life pay $400 or more for pants (or likely any article of clothing), I cannot fathom having so much money that I would give it to someone to make me look that absurd.

At the end of the day, the only thing that could make these pants worse is if the five pockets it has aren’t even real pockets (like so many frustrating articles of women’s clothing). But really, I just can’t with these. I might have to go have a drink now. It’s past noon. I’ll be OK. Hope your eyes recover soon as well.

(Image: Twitter / @dailymailuk)