18 Facts You Might Not Know About Dee Dee And Gypsy Rose Blanchard

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When Gypsy Rose Blanchard was 3 months old, Dee Dee became convinced she was sick.

Image: Instagram/@gypsylcve

Gypsy Rose was born slightly premature, but didn’t seem to have any issue beyond the development of her skull. But when she was around 3 months old, Dee Dee became convinced that Gypsy was suffering from sleep apnea. She began taking the baby to the hospital for repeated overnight stays and various tests. The tests showed that Gypsy Rose was healthy and was not suffering from any illnesses. But Dee Dee was adamant that her daughter had several health issues, which she attributed to an underlying and undiagnosed chromosomal disorder. She continued to take Gypsy to hospitals and doctors to identify the issue.

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