This Moldy Rubber Ducky Will Have You Tossing All Your Bath Toys

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I hate bath toys, tbh. Sure, they keep my kids entertained while I try to rid them of their accumulated filth a couple of times a week. But it’s just one more thing for me to clean. And since they live IN THE BATH, that bugs me. Just like it bugs me that I have to clean my washing machine. However, after watching this video, I feel 100% ok with throwing them all out. Nothing like a moldy rubber ducky to help you get your priorities in line.

One dad’s discovery of the moldy rubber ducky his kids have been bathing with is casting a harsh light on bath toys.

moldy rubber ducky

Image: YouTube/Viva Frei

I will never look at rubber duckies the same way again.

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YouTuber Viva Frei uploaded a video, showing what was lurking inside a dissected rubbery ducky. As he dismembers the duck, he said he had noticed a “discolored, watery substance” coming out of the duck’s mouth while his kid was in the tub. So, like any curious parent, he wanted to see what it was.


Image: Giphy

I know what you’re thinking. “But I squeeze all the water out of all the toys after the bath!” Me too! But the problem is, the inside never gets dry. Sure, there might not be any water sloshing around inside. But alas, moisture remains. And all it takes for mold to grow is a little bit of moisture.

This seems like a major bath toy design flaw, tbh.

So, if your bath toys have holes, ANY HOLES AT ALL, they’re likely full of mold. You can’t dry out the inside, even by squeezing out all the water. Brb, tossing all the toys and replacing them with plastic cups and empty shampoo bottles. Taking it back to the old school, for my kids’ sake.

Take a minute and watch the video yourselves. RIP, bath toys. Thanks for the molderies.

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(Image: YouTube/Viva Frei)