18 Facts You Might Not Know About Dee Dee And Gypsy Rose Blanchard

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In 2007, one doctor began to suspect that all wasn’t as it seemed with Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard.

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While most doctors that saw Gypsy appeared to take her symptoms and Dee Dee’s stories about her health at face value, there was one exception. According to a report by Buzzfeed, in 2007 a pediatric neurologist named Bernardo Flasterstein became involved in Gypsy’s care when he consulted on her case in Missouri. He doubted their story from the first meeting. He gave them the benefit of the doubt initially, and ordered the usual tests and scans. Everything came back normal, and Flasterstein even had Gypsy stand up in his presence to verify she could hold her own weight. In his notes on the case he wrote, “there is a strong possibility of Munchausen by proxy, with maybe some underlying unknown etiology to explain for her symptoms.” Dee Dee and Gypsy did not return after that visit.

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