David Spade Tried to Pick a Fight with the ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl and Got Brutally Owned

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The fact that “Cash Me Outside” girl Danielle Bregoli is shopping a reality TV show in LA and not off somewhere building a baking soda volcano for her 8th grade science fair project pains me to my very core. But she is currently in Los Angeles meeting producers and rubbing elbows with celebrities, and, in the case of 52-year-old man David Spade, offending them deeply by not knowing who they are.

Bregoli was recently eating at an LA restaurant known for its celebrity sightings, when David Spade apparently saw her and asked to take a picture with her. She complied, with exactly the facial expression most 14 year-old girls would have if a strange, 52-year-old man had asked to take a photo with them.

cash me outside girl and david spade

Image: Instagram / @David Spade

Spade, an actual celebrity, seemed to expect Bregoli, as a newly minted Internet celebrity, to kiss his ring. Unfortunately, it’s a Saturday Night Live class ring from 1996, and Bregoli has no idea who David Spade is.

Spade posted the photo anyway, and he decided to take a quick shot at her while he was at it.

“How bow dis,” David Spade wrote, “(@Bhadbhabie is slightly underwhelmed to meet me. Unfortunately, she stopped being famous 5 minutes before this was taken.”

Oof. That was an embarrassing attempt from Spade, who was particularly famous for being snarky about celebrities on Saturday Night Live. In fact, I’m pretty sure he used that exact joke on “The Hollywood Minute” at least twice before.

It’s worth noting that Bregoli has 9 million Instagram followers, and David Spade has just under 800,000. But that’s actually a lot for Spade, because his Instagram is not very interesting.

Sure, there’s no good reason for Bregoli’s current level of fame, but that hasn’t stopped anybody before. Half our current cultural landscape is people who are famous just for having a funny accent or catchphrase and being willing to look ridiculous on TV for money. (Oh god, Bregoli’s going to be famous forever, isn’t she?)

But regardless of Bregoli’s relative fame level or staying power, this entire interaction is exceedingly weird on Spade’s part.  Why on Earth  would David Spade think a 14-year-old girl would know who he is? She was born in 2003. He’d probably have gotten a better reaction if he told her he was the llama from The Emperor’s New Groove.

And also he tagged her in the photo, which means he had to look up her @bhadbhabie Instagram handle and include it, just so she’d see his comment.

That turned out to be a terrible move on Spade’s part, because of course Bregoli responded, and it was brutal.

cash me outside girl burns david spade

Instagram / @Bhadbhabie

She just reposted Spade’s exact post and wrote, “No lie, I thought dis guy was the waiter.”

It’s hilarious because it’s true. Bregoli really looks like she has no idea who this guy is. And now David Spade looks especially ridiculous for trying to start a fight with a 14-year-old girl for not being  a big enough fan of Joe Dirt.

(Image: Instagram / @DavidSpade)