‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Wants to Sue Walmart Now

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Nothing in 2017 makes me feel as old and out of touch with youth culture as the sudden rise and inexplicable fame of “Cash Me Outside” girl Danielle Bregoli. She’s the target of a lawsuit and apparently the future star of a reality TV show, and now she’s planning on suing Walmart for copying her stupid catchphrase.

According to The Berry, Walmart recently started selling T-shirts and other merchandise that say “Cash me outside how bout dah?” But Bregoli and her lawyers say that’s her line, and Walmart can’t use it without paying her. Bregoli’s lawyers have given Walmart five days to remove all the merchandise or Bregoli will file a lawsuit. They also want to know how much money those items have already made, presumably because they want some of that.

Bregoli really brings out the mom in me, because whenever I see her I think, “Why is she on TV and not grounded?”

Bregoli became famous when her mother took her on the Dr. Phil show to ask Dr. Phil how to get Danielle to stop stealing cars and getting into fights. Danielle Bregoli was 13 years old at the time.

Normally I’m a pretty big defender of parents, because sometimes kids act out and behave poorly without it being the parents’ fault. But when you get to the point where your 13-year-old is literally stealing cars, and from there your only thought is, “I will solve this by putting her on TV,” it seems likely that we got to this point because of Bregoli’s mother’s bad parenting. (Later videos appear to show Danielle’s mother grabbing her by the hair and calling her a bitch, and they were allegedly taken when Danielle was around 11 or 12 years old.)

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While on the show, Bregoli got upset that the audience kept laughing at her 13-year-old braggadocio and decided to challenge the entire studio audience to a fist fight by saying, “Cash me outside, how bout dah?”

After that, Bregoli became a beloved Internet meme like Ken Bone and that picture from Anchorman where Will Ferrell says, “Well that escalated quickly.”

Since becoming famous, her behavior appears to have gotten even worse. Bregoli and her mother were recently thrown off a Spirit Airlines flight and banned from the airline for life for starting a fist fight with another passenger on the plane.  And Bregoli’s mother is being sued because Danielle Bregoli got into a fist fight with a grown woman at a pizza place at 10 o’clock at night.

Apparently, being rude, combative, and violent is very profitable for a person who is also a pretty white teenager like Bregoli, who is reportedly charging $30,000 for an appearance these days.

It remains to be seen if Bregoli will get anything from Walmart, but that will probably depend on if she has a trademark on the phrase.  As New York Magazine points out, the phrase “On Fleek” was invented in 2014 by a teenager named Kayla Newman, and she hasn’t received any sort of compensation even though the phrase has been used to sell everything from Doritos to Hefty bags to IHOP pancakes.

Newman is now a nursing student and has since started a GoFundMe to try to raise money to start a cosmetics and haircare line.

(Image: Screenshot / Dr. Phil)