40 Utterly Hilarious Tweets About Marriage

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marriage tweets

Image: Twitter/@thecatwhisprer

Ahhhhhhh, marriage. The most joyous of unions! A partnering built on mutual love and respect! A life built together based on a foundation of shared values, hopes, and dreams. And the only time you’ll be driven completely mad by someone’s inability to just buy what’s on the goddamn grocery list. Marriage is a big commitment, but if you play your cards right, it can also be an exciting and beneficial endeavor. That’s not to say it’s always rainbows and sunshine. Plenty of couples struggle, and it takes a lot of work! It also means sharing your life and space with someone for the foreseeable future. That alone is enough to drive anyone crazy sometimes, as these marriage tweets demonstrate.

You may have picked the perfect partner, but that perfection is going to take the day off every once in a while. How many times can you ask someone to load the dishwasher correctly? Or take the trash out on trash day and not the day after? How many ways can you lovingly ask that your partner stop snoring before you smother them in their sleep? Well, if you’re married, the answer is infinity. Infinity times! Because no one listens the first or third or thirtieth time you ask. When you’re married, you see all their good qualities, which are nice. BUT, you also get a front-row view of all their flaws. Flaws aren’t deal-breakers, for the most part. But they sure do make for some funny marriage tweets. Snuggle up with your spouse and read these, then blame them on each other.

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