This Dad’s Crying Baby Hack Is Weird — but It Works

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When you’re a parent to a newborn, you’ll try just about anything to keep the baby quiet and happy. I tried so many strange techniques when my daughter was a baby. I’ll never forget taking her for a walk at 3am because I read that moonlight was “calming” to crying infants. If middle-of-the-night walks aren’t your thing, one new dad has a crying baby hack that actually works — as long as you’re okay with sounding a little weird.

Daniel Eisenman, dad to newborn Divina, is a motivational speaker who shared his special trick in a Facebook live video. As little Divina wails in his arms, Daniel takes a deep breath then lets out a slow, steady, “Om.” Om is a sacred Hindu and Buddhist chant that is considered to have high spiritual and creative power.

Wow. That crying baby hack is really impressive. I wonder if it works on seven year olds?

Eisenman posted two more videos of his technique. Even though he says he doesn’t “believe anything happens twice the same way,” Divina immediately calms down the moment he starts omming right in her face. Look at her expression, I can’t handle it:


Image: Facebook / Daniel Eisenman

Divina has been exposed to this since birth, literally: dad Daniel told a commenter on Facebook that Divina “came out of the womb while Buddhist Monks chanted over YouTube.” Daniel’s Om videos have been viewed over 33 million times.

According to several Facebook commenters, this technique works on their children, too. “We tried it with our 4 month old and it began to work!” wrote one. Another said, “I laughed at this, but I tried it in desperation last night, and it worked!!”

Eisenman, who is a motivational speaker, said the key to the technique is “not necessarily about it ‘working’ … it’s about our precious #EarthAngel practicing self acceptance through self-expression, AND simultaneously holding me accountable to do the same by #OMing more.”

Um. Okay.

(Image: Facebook / Daniel Eisenman)