What Pregnancy Looks Like, According To Stock Photography

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The world of stock photography is a strange and magical one. In Stock Photography-Land, babies can play unharmed with matches and electrical outlets, Santa is always weirdly sexy, and breastfeeding is a breezy, soft-focus activity that is most likely to take place in a field full of wildflowers. But what does pregnancy look like through the lens of stock photography?

507119357 (pojoslaw / iStock / Getty)

Are you pregnant? Cook dinner usiny the world’s tiniest stock pot. Make sure the pot is hot enough to warrant oven mitts, but not so hot that you can’t cradle it awkwardly against the side of your bare belly.

481466107(indigolotos / iStock / Getty)

“Yeah, hold up the bobble AND one of the braids! Perfect! You look really natural in this one.”

147040812(Sergey Matveev / iStock / Getty)

Those silly absent-minded pregnant ladies are always forgetting to wear a shell or blouse under their blazer when they go to work. Tee-hee!

487782295(CREATISTA / iStock / Getty)

The only thing I can think of when I look at this is, how did her mascara get smeared THAT far all over her face?

465361454(alexxx1981 / iStock / Getty)

Nasal spray makes pregnant women very pensive. Also, using nasal spray, as with all activities, requires a pregnant woman to life up her shirt hem and hold her bare belly.

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