This Dedicated Teacher Was Still Doing Lesson Plans While In Labor

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It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, where parents and students are encouraged to tell their teachers how thankful they are for everything they do. Dedicated teachers work long hours for little pay, and often spend their off hours and their own money improving their students’ lives. Honestly, every week should be Teacher Appreciation Week! At the very least, the students in Mrs. Pope’s second grade class at Christian Life Preparatory School in Fort Worth, Texas better have an AMAZING gift for their teacher this week.

Last week, Jennifer Pope went into labor with her fourth child, daughter Clara. While Pope labored in her hospital bed, she put together lesson plans for her substitute teacher. Pope’s birth photographer, Andrea McDonald of Rooted In Love Photography, captured the moment.

labor and lesson plans

Image: Facebook / Rooted in Love Photography

Her caption read:

No, she is not doing her taxes. Those papers would be her lesson plans her husband is about to go drop off with her sub in the parking lot.

Also, next week is Teacher Appreciation Week here in Texas. Spoil them rotten because even in labor, they care. No lie, she gave birth less than an hour later.

This post is about showing the dedication of a teacher (I was one myself for many years). Seriously, be kind or scroll down.

Damn, she gave birth an HOUR later? What a badass.

According to HuffPost, Pope has been a teacher for more than a decade. The photo of her working on her lesson plans has over 21,000 likes and more than 7,100 shares. “Being a working mom is hard ― like really hard,” Pope told HuffPost. “But, it’s also so rewarding and fulfilling. I can’t imagine myself in any other profession.” Pope said she’s glad the picture has struck a chord with so many people, and she hopes it will empower mothers to continue to achieve in their careers.

Pope’s photographer Andrea McDonald, who was formerly a teacher, agrees. “My hope is that when they see this photo they see that so much of what a teacher does for their students is done outside the classroom and isn’t seen.”

So the next time you hear someone made a snide remark about the hours a teacher works, or how they “get three months off,” remember this. A teacher’s work is never, ever done.

(Image: Facebook / RootedInLovePhotography)