Parents Say Teacher Force-Fed Their Daughter at Preschool and They’re Threatening to Sue

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A set of hurt and furious parents in Florida say they’re going to file a lawsuit against their Palm Beach preschool after a teacher was allegedly force-feeding their daughter so violently it left dark bruises on her cheeks.

According to WPTV News, the 18-month-old girl came home from King’s Academy Preschool, a private Christian preschool, one day in July. Her parents were horrified to see dark bruises on both of her cheeks where a teacher had reportedly grabbed her. School authorities told the parents that the bruises occurred when a teacher rescued the little girl from choking. According to the school, the teacher saved the little girl’s life. The parents say they saw the video, and the little girl was never choking. According to the parents, the teacher was actually force-feeding the toddler like a foie gras duck.

The parents say a teacher force-fed their daughter.

The parents are furious that the school is sticking with their choking story. They’re also furious that the director who initially told them the choking story is still with the school.

The school says the teacher saved the child. But the school still fired both teachers who were in the room at the time. They say the firing was because the teachers didn’t follow proper safety protocols, which they say is what caused the alleged choking incident in the first place.

“I just want parents to know the truth about The King’s Academy and who is running The King’s Academy, and it is not, I don’t think it’s a safe place, I mean these babies can’t even defend themselves,” the mother says.

The school says the teacher saved the little girl.

The school is sticking by its choking rescue story, but it would not show the video to reporters. It also doesn’t sound like the school has a very good case. If it were a case of angry parents versus school administrators alone,  it would be one thing. But reports from DCF, the department of health, and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office all allege that the surveillance footage shows the little girl being force-fed, not a choking incident at all.

According to a police report, surveillance footage shows the teacher “pushing the child’s head back. She appeared to force food into the child’s mouth at least twice. She was gripping the child’s face with her hand, which is consistent with the bruises I observed in the pictures.”

The department of health also reportedly cited the school for not reporting the incident to the abuse hotline immediately.

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