Creepy Post About Husband & FIL Preparing For Woman’s Death During Childbirth Goes Viral

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An anonymous woman on Reddit is getting viral attention after she posted to Reddit’s ‘Am I The Assh*le?’ subreddit wondering if her decision to keep her husband and his dad out of the delivery room when she gives birth to their baby is out-of-line. While the thread is long, the gist is that her husband’s mother died during childbirth and now that she’s pregnant, her husband and his dad are acting as if it’s inevitable that she, too, will die giving birth to the baby. Basically, they’ve asked her to update her will and even pack up some of her things before she goes into labor to do “inventory” so that the dad knows “what [she] wanted to be saved for the baby vs. what [she] would want to be returned to … family in the event of [her] death.” Yes, it’s wild, and you can read the whole thing here:

AITA for banning my husband and father in law from the delivery room due to their intensely stressful/creepy behavior during my pregnancy? from r/AmItheAsshole

In follow-up comments, the original poster even revealed more concerning information including that he tattles on her to their doctor for eating things that are “bad” for the baby and that he is trying to make her doctor convince her not to get an epidural.

“He is a COMPLETE mess at my doctor’s appointments, has been asking multiple questions about how quickly they can do an emergency c-section ‘if things go south’, badgering the doctor to ‘inform’ me that natural delivery is ‘clearly the only real option’, trying to ‘rat’ on me for eating ‘cheat’ foods like cheese and ice cream that are ‘terrible for the baby’ [sic],” she wrote. “When he asked me to start recording videos for the baby about myself and how happy I am that I’m having the baby, I point-blank said ‘I feel like you’re envisioning one of those videos a terminally ill parent makes for their kids to watch after their death, and this is one more example of your out of line and concerning behavior. Did your therapist approve this as a healthy coping mechanism?’ he got REALLY mad at me and said it’s totally inappropriate for me to ask what he talks about in therapy, that it’s private and I’m crossing a line and making him not want to go by ‘prying’ into his personal business.”

The details have gotten so concerning that responders actually thing that the OP might be in imminent danger — that her husband or his father are actively trying to hurt her so that the husband can be a great single father like his dad was.

While Reddit is nowhere near immune to falsified, creepy, stories — if this is a real one, we’re terrified. No to-be-mother should have to be dealing with this stress and we hope she’s already at home with her mom by the time this post gets published.