Infertile Couple Who Won Free IVF Hits The Fertility Motherload, Now Expecting Triplets

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free ivfFertility treatments are pricey. So pricey that they’re out of reach for many, many infertile couples who seek to biologically expand their family. But in the now time-honored fertility “happy endings” that often times include twins, one family got double — or rather triple — the happily ever after with triplets. After winning said IVF treatments in a raffle, mind you.

Desert News of Salt Lake City, Utah reports that Travis and Serena have been married for five years and trying for babies for four years with no luck. But the $10,000 IVF procedure was just too steep for the couple. So that’s when Serena’s sisters reportedly stepped in with a brilliant plan that involved free IVF:

Holly and Lauren decided to help their sister. They organized the Footsteps for Fertility 5K road race to raise money for grants that would provide IFVs. They also offered a raffle prize — a free IVF procedure courtesy of Dr. Russell Foulke, an IVF specialist with the Utah Fertility Center in Pleasant Grove. For legal expedience, they also partnered with Pay it Forward Fertility Foundation, a nonprofit, North Carolina-based organization that provides grants to couples for IVFs.

…The sisters were hoping 300 would sign up for the race; instead, they got about 1,000 — 600 to run the race and 400 more who signed up just to be eligible for the raffle. Some of them were hoping to win an IVF for themselves, others for a friend or relative. The race raised $35,000 — enough for five IVF grants, including one for Serena and Travis.

In addition to Serena and Travis now expecting triplets, two other couples (out of the five who were awarded) are also expecting. Standby for the number of fetuses in those lucky wombs.

(photo: Hannamariah / Shutterstock)