New Study Discovers You Pregnant Women Are Terrible Moms For Not Drinking Wine While Pregnant

Pregnancy One Glass Of Wine A Week is FineAnd by drink wine, I don’t mean you can chug down an entire bottle but you can have a small glass which is what I am always telling you all. Because I am such a know-it-all and I love telling you pregnant women what to do I love it when science backs me up and I can gloat about how utterly brilliant I am and how all of the advice I give you all is totally excellent. A new study published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, has claimed that during pregnancy one glass of wine a week is fine and not harmful, and may actually have benefits to your unborn child. From The Huffington Post UK:

Children born to women who drink one small glass of wine a week while pregnant are not likely to suffer any cognitive or behavioural problems, research suggests.

Light drinking during pregnancy “is not linked to adverse behavioural or cognitive outcomes in childhood”, the new study found.

The findings suggested that children born to light drinkers – those who drank two units or less a week – had lower behavioural difficulty scores than children born to mothers who abstained from drinking during pregnancy. Similarly they were found to have higher cognitive test scores for reading, maths and spatial skills tests.

So basically this new study is saying that not only are you not a bad mom for having the occasional glass of wine while pregnant, but that you are a pretty much a bad mom for NOT having an occasional small glass of wine while pregnant. Scientifically, this all makes sense to me because I have conducted my own brand of research over the years and I have discovered that:

Wine tastes delicious.

Wine helps relax you.

Wine has many health benefits, like it makes vegetables taste better when you have wine with them.


Wine tastes delicious.

So go ahead and indulge in a small glass on occasion so you don’t end up with a dumb baby who can’t do math or pass those spatial skills tests they always make babies take while they are sitting around drooling.

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