‘C’ Is For Criminal: Cookie Monster Charged With Child Shoving In Times Square

cookie monster charged with child shoving I’m a fan of Cookie Monster. I like his dietary habits, I like his fur color, I like how he always refers to himself in the third person. He is not as cool as Grover, but he is a lot cooler than Elmo. He is not as cool as The Count, but he is also not as whiney as Baby Bear. He seems like a pretty good guy so this story makes me all sorts of sad because this is so not how the REAL Cookie Monster would ever act! According to the New York Daily NewsParmita Kurad, who is a famous Bollywood actress and former Miss India Asia Pacific, was on her way to Toys ‘R us with her husband and two young sons to buy a bicycle. Her 2-year-old son, Samay, got all excited when he saw the Cookie Monster and :

”The next thing I know, Cookie Monster had already picked up my son and was like, ”˜Come on, take a picture!’ ” said Kurada.The exchange went sour after Kurada asked her 35-year-old husband, Sagar, to withdraw money from a cash machine for a tip. He left only to return to find chaos.

”(The monster) was right next to me saying, ”˜Come on, come on! Give me the money!’ ” recalled Kurada in her Stamford, Conn., home. ”I was getting scared. I thought he was going to attack me or he was going to hit me.”

The Cookie Monster told police that he thought the mother should have tip money on her and was wasting his time. It is also reported that this fake Cookie Monster said:

”You are a bitch, your son is a bastard and your stuff is trash,” performer Osvaldo Quiroz-Lopez, 33, said, according to court papers.

Keep it classy Cookie Monster!  It seems to me if you are going to make your living accosting tourists in NYC while wearing a giant blue fur suit to make your two dollar tips that you should probably be a little bit, I don’t know, cheerful or something? Two dollars won’t even buy you a box of Oreos! As for Osvaldo, he faces child endangerment charges, plus a count of aggressive begging. A Manhattan judge set the street performer’s bail at $1,000 Monday.

(Photo: Soggylog.com)

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