Open Thread: What Did Your Pregnant Boobs Look Like?

Ok, ya’ll- I am about to get very real with you about pregnant boobs. Namely, MY pregnant boobs, in the hopes that you will all share yours. I mean, I’m not going to flash you or anything but I am going to be very frank about what exactly they looked like toward the end of my pregnancies and I hope you will all do the same in this thread and we can all lol-cry at the sadness and hilarity of pregnant boobs. Mine:


monkey boobs
via DailyMail

Yup. I had Orangutan Boobs. I remember looking at them sadly in the mirror while getting dressed one day, how they lay flaccidly on top of my giant belly, and holding back tears. Their former perkiness had all but died and I was left with the saddest excuses for tits that I had ever known. I thought they would never recover from the ravaging they took over the duration of my pregnancies and subsequent months spent nursing but they mostly did. Mostly. I know they will never be the same but I am relieved they came almost all the way back to normal. I will never forget how they looked and the tears I shed while staring blankly at my sad, new body.

So enough tears-let’s die laughing. Please give us your most vivid and evocative description of your pregnant and/or nursing boobs. Assuming we get a lot of amazing answers (and accompanying GIF’s or photos!) we will do a round-up tomorrow. Boobs away, ladies! Let’s hear it!

(Image: Lucky Business/Shutterstock)

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