25 Secrets Moms Who Co-Sleep Want To You To Understand

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Kids have a habit of punching you in their sleep…

baby punching mom in the face while co-sleeping

Images: Giphy/ @Story of This Life

Punching in their sleep? That same innocent baby that you were watching while they were knocked out just a few hours ago? You would never believe that someone so cute could be such a rough sleeper if you didn’t share a bed with them. It’s not that bad at first. It starts with a few light punches when your baby is about six months or so. But that is only the training period. When your child gets to around toddler age, you and your husband get used to being punched, kicked, pushed, and sat on while you are sleeping. By the time your kid is around three years old, a kick to the neck feels like a mild graze.

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