25 Secrets Moms Who Co-Sleep Want To You To Understand

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We love watching them sleep

watching baby while co-sleeping

Images: Giphy / Mira

There is nothing cuter than watching a sleeping baby in general, but it’s even cuter to see them in your bed. Maybe it’s because they are so small lying on such a big bed with their head on your pillow and their chubby legs covered by a fluffy blanket. There is nothing more precious than when they stretch their chunky arms above their head. They are at their peak comfort, nothing like how they look when they are in their crib. Their cuteness is one of the reasons why you do not get enough sleep during the night since you’re guilty of watching them in their sleep when you should be going to sleep yourself. In fact, half of the pictures saved on your phone are of your baby sleeping in your bed. Just in case they start suddenly sleeping in their crib.

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