Children’s Book Author Mary Engelbreit Made a Great Poster for People to Take to the Women’s March

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Famed children’s book author and illustrator Mary Engelbreit is known for her cute, folksy illustrations, usually of children and flowers and sweet, uplifting sayings. They’re charming in a very Precious Moments sort of way, and they look like they’d go well with a piece of driftwood that says “Bless this house.” Just from looking at her work, one gets the impression that Mary Engelbreit smiles a lot, loves being a grandmother, and has snacks in her purse.

Mary Engelbreit is also a tough and assertive feminist, and she just put her pen to work for the Women’s March in Washington. Two days ago she released a free, downloadable poster that anyone can have printed and use as a flier, carry as a protest sign, or wear on a T-shirt if they want to. It features three women looking determined and ready to march, and it says: “Our bodies. Our business. Our rights.”

Engelbreit’s design is free to use, so it doesn’t raise money for any organization, but she included a link to Planned Parenthood in her announcement.

“You can use it for whatever you like–signs, t-shirts, prints, etc.,” Engelbreit wrote on her Facebook page when she posted the image, along with a “permission slip” so the employees at Kinko’s or Cafepress will know they aren’t violating copyright by printing it.

Mary Engelbreit has a lot of conservative fans, and she does not seem inclined to keep quiet about things she feels strongly about for the sake of calendar sales. Earlier this year she shocked the more conservative portion of her fanbase by posting several illustrations in support of Black Lives Matter.

When her conservative fans lost their minds and threatened boycotts and told her to stick to the cutsey drawings, she just made another one.

And another one.

She’s spoken out in support of Standing Rock, Black Lives Matter, and Planned Parenthood. Engelbreit’s support of progressive causes may have cost her some fans, but it has sure as heck gained her some new ones. (And if you happen to be in the market for a Mother Goose book, Mary Engelbreit’s is excellent.)

Engelbreit’s poster for the Women’s March is also available for free, high-resolution download on her website. She says health issues are keeping her from marching in person, and this is her way of supporting the women who are marching and being there in spirit.