Mom Gets Sweet Surprise Instead of Judgment When Her Toddler Throws a Shrieking Supermarket Tantrum

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Toddlers are the reason FreshDirect and other grocery-delivery services exist. Something about supermarkets just turns kids into shrieking tornadoes of rage, and there’s nothing like a toddler screaming in the supermarket to bring down the judgment of everyone in a 10-block radius. That’s why one mom was surprised to tears this week when instead of getting a scolding over her screaming child, she got a really sweet surprise instead.

According to Popsugar, Ashley Holmes was at an Aldi in Kurri Kurri, Australia, when her 3-year-old decided to throw a full-on toddler meltdown right in the middle of the store. He was screaming and bawling, and everyone was staring at them and whispering. Holmes wanted to pick him up and just run out of the store, but she already had a cart full of groceries, so she just tried to drag him along and get out as quickly as possible.

She got out of the store and was running off to her car to escape when she saw an Aldi employee coming at her. She definitely thought she was about to get some judgment, a scolding, or maybe some unsolicited parenting advice from the total stranger. Instead, the lady handed her a bouquet of yellow roses and said the staff at Aldi had seen the trouble and just thought she could use something nice.

“We thought you deserve these,” the lady said. “I hope your day gets better.”

That’s so nice. It’s rough when a toddler is doing the whole “I am a toddler, hear me roar” thing, because people always look at the parents like it’s something they’re doing. I’m not the one screaming “I want a banana!” and then screaming “No banana! Noooo!” and throwing the banana to the floor in the middle of the Kroger! Parents hate tantrums more than anybody. If parents could stop all the toddler tantrums, there would never be a screaming toddler again.

Behind every screaming toddler is an adult who is having a shitty day. It’s nice to see that sometimes people see that and want to lend a bit of support and sympathy, instead of the nasty looks and whispers most parents come to expect.

H/T Popsugar