This Mother Son Kiss Cam Moment Is Awkward and Hilarious

Like the seventh inning stretch or a halftime show, the Kiss Cam has become a sporting event staple. During a break in a game, the jumbotron will display an unsuspecting couple and the crowd will urge them to kiss. This usually leads to public displays of affection when the people on camera are an actual couple, but can be pretty hilarious when the chosen two aren’t romantically linked. At a recent Milwaukee Bucks basketball game the latter happened, and the mother son kiss cam moment is pretty hilarious.

After presumably showing other, real, couples, the Bucks’ kiss cam settled on a man in basketball gear and a woman dressed in professional attire. As soon as he sees himself on the screen, the man immediately starts shaking his head. After a few moments, he points to the woman and mouths,

“That’s my mom. That’s my mom.”

As the crowd around him starts to react, the woman looks up from her iPhone to discover that she is on the Kiss Cam with her son. Instead of leaning over and kissing him on the cheek, she looks totally grossed out and horrified.

Mashable was quick to point out that Kiss Cams have had a lot of staged moments over the years, so it’s hard to say if this is a real mother and son. As funny as their horrified reactions are, it would have been very sweet to see him give the woman a hug or kiss on the cheek. This woman gave you life, dude! Show her some respect!

(Image: Twitter / @Bucks)

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