There’s Nothing Wrong With Being Naked Around Your Kids

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children-and-nudityI was looking through some parenting forums today, and found a few discussions about when moms should stop being naked around their kids. The general consensus seemed to be two years old. Really? My son is almost four, my daughter is one, and it has truly never even crossed my mind to try to hide my naked body from them.

I’m not a nudist my any stretch of the imagination. My kids will see me naked when I’m changing into my clothes or when I get out of the shower. My almost four year old has a thing about belly buttons, so occasionally he tries to grab mine. My one-year-old seems non-plussed by the sight of my naked body. Am I in the minority here when I say that being naked around my kids doesn’t strike me as weird or wrong?

I start being more modest at age 1 and completely stop at age 2 with my girls.ive always nursed around them though my girls don’t stare but my 1yr old tries to hold my boob like a bottle lol. My son I think I’m going to stop completely at age one. DH has only been shirtless around all the kids.

It never even occurred to me to start hiding my body from my child when he turned one. I still haven’t thought about it – and he’s almost four. I guess this all comes down to how you were raised and what you are comfortable with – nudity wasn’t a big deal in our household. I always saw my mom naked growing up. My dad was never naked around me growing up, but I’m assuming if he had been I wouldn’t have thought it was a big deal either.

I’m a photographer and when I did it in a fine art capacity most of my subjects were dancing women – some strippers. There are pictures of “fine art” boobs all over our house. I don’t plan on redecorating. My child hasn’t been curious enough about my body to even ask questions about it yet – but when he becomes curious I’ll just answer him. Unless he ever seems particularly uncomfortable seeing me change my clothes or get out of the shower, this is probably not behavior that I am going to change.

I don’t think there’s anything shameful about a naked body. I don’t have any issues with it, so I’m certainly not going to pass on issues to my kids. I think I can teach my children modesty without acting like it’s embarrassing or wrong to be seen naked by them.

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